puntersclub.com.au and members.puntersclub.com.au offers online software which facilitates the organisation and administration of Punters Clubs. This offers you the opportunity to start and manage your own Punters Club and/or join a Punters Club.

Services offered by the site include:

  • Set up of a Punters Club
  • Registration of Punters Club members
  • Administration of Punters Clubs according to participation rules set by the Club Manager; these functions include direct debiting agreed Punters Club contributions at agreed intervals, providing reminders to Members when it is their turn to bet, allowing access to the Punters Club betting accounts at Ladbrokes.com.au, providing Punters Club transaction history, performance and Member performance information, facilitating communication between Members, transferring Punters Club contributions to their betting account and winnings back to their Punters Club bank and allowing Members to cash-out their share of the Punters Club.

Whilst this Site facilitates the set up and administration of Punters Clubs, no bets are placed through this Site. All bets are placed with Ladbrokes.com.au, licensed in the Northern Territory, using the Ladbrokes.com.au Website.

Refund Policy

Members of a Punters Club are able to cash-out their stake in a Punters Club at any time. These funds will be transferred to their Ladbrokes.com.au betting account where they can obtain these funds through various options including direct debit. The portion of funds paid to PuntersClub.com.au which have been transferred to the Punters Club betting account at Ladbrokes.com.au are not available to be cashed out until the betting period has been completed and any winnings from the betting period have been transferred back to the Punters Club bank.

Customer Service Policy

PuntersClub.com.au is committed to providing fun and exciting social entertainment. We endeavour to make sure that our websites are working in an accurate and customer friendly manner. All Club Members’ transaction history is clearly outlined within the CLUB DETAILS section of the website outlining the date and amount of each transaction.

The Club Manager sets the Club contribution amount and the period that it must be paid (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly). All players who join the club agree to have this contribution directly credited to their nominated credit card. All club contributions are in Australian Dollars. The minimum amount for weekly contribution periods is $20 per week; fortnightly contribution periods is minimum $30 per fortnight & monthly contribution periods is minimum $40 per month.

In the event that PuntersClub.com.au is not able to transfer the Punting Contribution for any Member to the Punters Club Bank or the Betting Funds from the Punters Club Bank to the Punters Club Betting Account for any reason, including that the Member has supplied incorrect credit card information to PuntersClub.com.au or that the credit card is declined, this may affect the ability of the Member or the Punters Club to participate in betting. In these circumstances, PuntersClub.com.au will not be held liable for any loss suffered by the Member or the Punters Club, including for loss of opportunity or for lost winnings.

Postal Address

P.O. Box 688
Hornsby NSW 1630

We hope you enjoy our website and welcome any feedback that you may have!


The PuntersClub.com.au Team

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